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UroDiag with vitamin C

Components of the diet supplement support urinary tract.

urinary tract

Description of product

Urodiag with Vitamin C due to the content of nettle extract supports renal excretory function and has a positive influence on diuresis helping to remove harmful products of metabolism. Polygonum aviculare has a beneficial effect on normal flora of the urogenital tract urine  and immune system is enhanced by presence of Vitamin C.

30 tablets (coated)

Recommended use: 1 tablet daily while eating. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Available package:
Components 1 tablet
daily portion
Large cranberry extract (60:1)(Vaccinum macrocarpon) 150 mg
including proanthocyanidins 37,5 mg
Nettle extract (6:1) (Urtica dioica L.) 100 mg
Common knotgrass extract (4:1) (Polygonum aviculare L.) 80 mg
Vitamin C 80 mg 100%

*%RDA - % of the daily recommended intake

Bulking agent: cellulose, large cranberry extract, nettle extract, common knotgrass extract (Polygonum aviculare L.), L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C); binder agent: sorbitol; coating film (the ingredients in the coating film: glazing agent: hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, anti-cacking agent: calcium carbonate; carrier agent: polyethyleneglycol; bulking agent: polydextrose; anti-cacking agent: talc, food coloring: riboflavin; sweetner: maltodextrin; food coloring: carmine; sweetner: sucralose); anti-cacking agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids,; bulking agent: carboxy methyl cellulose, anti-cacking agent: silicon dioxide, L-Leucine.

Available packaging: 30 tablets weight 721 mg
Net weight: 21,6g


Urodiag with C vitamin contain sweetners. The product may contain trace amounts of lactose.

How to use:

Adults 1 tablet per a day. After consuming always drink at least half a glass of water. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended. Don’t use after expiry date.

The product should be kept in a closed container out of the reach of young children. The product should be stored in a dry shed and at a temperature between 15-25 °C. They must be protected against direct sunlight and moisture. Protect against direct sunlight and moisture.



Hypersensitivity to any of the product components. Pregnant, breast-feeding women and children should consult a doctor before administration.

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