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Do we need diet supplements?

There is a close connection between people’s health, the length and quality of their lives and their nutrition. Today, it seems to us that almost everyone knows how to eat healthy, but in reality hardly anyone follows the rules. A perfectly balanced diet that supplies all the necessary nutrients is hard to develop so people have always used various ways of enriching diets.

The modern fast lifestyle, stress, the lack of time and lack of physical activity, environmental pollution, highly processed food devoid of many precious nutrients, consequently an improper diet, may weaken the whole body. Therefore, it is worth using supplementation.

What are diet supplements?

Diet supplements are products which consist of nutrients and are treated as supplementation of regular diets. It is a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals or other substances displaying a nutritional or any other physiological effect, marketed in the form that facilitates dosing (e.g. in tablets, capsules, powder or liquid).

Apart from vitamins and mineral components, diet supplements may also contain amino acids, fatty acids, fibre and plant extracts. However, it ought to be kept in mind that diet supplements cannot be treated as a substitute of a diversified diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Who are dietary supplements recommended to?

It is very important to remember that the aim of using supplements is not curing diseases. Therefore, mainly healthy people who wish to enrich their diets should use them.

Supplementation also plays an important role in the case of:

  • people in convalescence
  • in elimination and restrictive diets (mostly slimming diets)
  • obese people who often suffer from high shortages of nutrients, especially vitamins
  • vegetarians
  • pregnant women
  • elderly people due to physiological difficulties associated with absorption
  • people leading a non-hygienic lifestyle and poor people
  • people practising sport intensively

How long can diet supplements be used?

Shortages of important nutrients coming from the diet may have a seasonal character. They may also be a reflection of their shortage in the environment (e.g. iodine, selenium) or result from the traditional cuisine. Diet supplements are individually intended for people with specific needs so it is very important to know safe doses of each component. Therefore, the daily recommended dose of diet supplements is indicated and should not be exceeded.

The properties of components used for the manufacture of supplements may, however, differ and some of them may induce adverse effects if consumed in too high amounts.

Nonetheless, supplementation has to be used for a longer period of time to be effective (e.g. 2-3 months or according to the manufacturer’s indications on the package of the diet supplement) depending on individual needs for the given component. It cannot last too short (e.g. 2, 3 days or a week) because then you will see no clear result of the supplementation.

Purpose of our supplements

Aby ułatwić wybór nasze suplementy pogrupowane zostały na kategorie pod kątem wskazań do stosowania.

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