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White Monday in Mosina

Our yearly presence on White Sunday in Mosina organised by the Association of the Modern Republic of Mosina has become a tradition. In the Medicomlex health centre in Mosina people could consult physicians specialising in orthopaedics, urology, laryngology, paediatric surgery, dietetics, psychology or rehabilitation. At the abovementioned event, we had a chance to present our medical equipment, i.e. blood pressure monitors, inhalers, thermometers, diagnostic and pregnancy tests and visitors could have their blood pressure taken. Besides the medical equipment, it was the first time we presented our diet supplements and dermocosmetics which boasted great interest from the participants of the meeting.

Our website takes off!

Commencement of our website Biotter where you will find current information about our diet supplements and novelties that we introduce.

Selected opinions of our clients

Definitely the best lecithin existing!!! Really gives advice, enhances memory and not only!!! I would recommend not only the intellectual effort!!!

Mr. Boguslaw

IT expert from Bialystok,
about Soy lecithin

Determined so for Omega Forte's Biotter. Used for over a year and I sincerely recommend it.

Mrs. Zofia

Accountant in Warsaw,
about Omega-3 Forte

Product recommendable! Big plus for the price!

Mrs. Anna

A student from Cracow,
about Field Horsetail Forte

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